When it comes to creating an online store, preparation is needed to ensure you understand the full process.

Creating an online store can be quite daunting especially when you have the end goal in mind but just don’t know how to get there.

So Where Do I Start?

Before you build an online store, you need to know all the details of the products that you plan to sell on it.

These include product names, description, images, pricing, weight, stock count and any other additional info which you need to include.

Create a file and prepare all these information.

How Do I Get The Look I Want?

All shopping cart software providers will throw in some free templates which you can use for your online store.

Bear in mind that you can always customize the look of the free templates if you don’t wish to buy any template. Ask customer service for help if you’re unsure on how to get it done.

The other option if you’re not on a tight budget is to buy a ready made template to use for your store.

If you have a bigger budget and know clearly that you want your site to have the look of your brand, you can pay for a custom designed template.

Which Payment Gateway Should I Use?

The most popular one would be PayPal if you’re just starting out as the fees are reasonable.


Other payment gateways may require setup and monthly fees so you want to watch out for those.

You can always offer more than one payment gateway so that your customers will have other payment options when buying from you.

How Much Should I Charge For Shipping?

You’ll need to decide whether you want to use real time carrier rates or configure your own manual shipping rates.

If you prefer to charge your own shipping rates, then decide whether you want to ship local or international or both.

Then measure the dimensions of your product and packaging so that your shipping calculations will be more accurate.

If you’re planning to offer free shipping, make sure you calculate your shipping charges properly so that you don’t end up with any loss.

It would be best to use real time carrier rates but your ecommerce solution will need to be integrated with the courier service of your choice to show customers the rates correctly.

How Can I Make My Product Look Better?

You need to take better product images.

Product Photo

Get a white background with proper lighting and take good quality pictures of your products.

Don’t just add only 1 product image. Add several to show different angles of your product.

Online shoppers can’t touch or feel your product so the only way would be for them to view it from different angles.

Should I Allow Customers To Review and Rate My Products?

You should if you really believe in your products.

In saying that, you also have a choice to approve the product review and rating from your customers as you won’t allow them to simply add those feedback to your site.

Positive reviews and ratings will add a boost to your online store’s credibility and can be shared on social media to get the word out about your product and customer service.

How Am I Going To Get More Shoppers To Buy My Stuff?

You’ll need to work on setting up your online store proper and get more exposure for your products.


One of the ways is via social media. Here’s an important list on how to sell more online which you can refer to.

Should I Offer Refunds For Returns?

This will depend on the value of your product.

If it’s going to cost more than shipping a replacement product to your buyer, then you may want to communicate with your buyer offering a free replacement.

However, it’s good to have a warranty period for your products as it will give customers the confidence to buy from you.

Your refunds should come with reasonable conditions which you need to state clearly on your site the terms for refunds.

How Can I Rank Better On Google Search?

Make sure your site is mobile friendly and responsive.

To fulfill these criteria, you’ll need to pass Google’s mobile friendly and page speed load test.

Other than that, your products and online store should have proper description and write up to provide relevant and accurate information.

How Would I Know Whether I’m Going The Right Way?

You’ll need to constantly check your site’s performance and tweak your site by adding relevant content to your blog, sharing your product images, advice, tips on social media.

Most shopping cart software solutions offer help so you can reach out to them to get advice and feedback on your online store.

In A Nutshell

Creating an online store is an easy task although it may look daunting at first. But by asking the right questions and noting down your answers, you’ll get an idea on what you need to prepare for the store setup process.

Bear in mind that your online store not only needs to look good, it must be mobile friendly and be able to load fast on any device to meet Google’s requirements.

To capture visitor’s attention and answer their questions regarding your product, you need to show good quality clear product images and description on your online store.

And to reach a wider target audience to get more organic traffic to your site, you’ll need to use social media and blog about your products by offering tips, advice and show good quality images for others to share.

Make sure you calculate shipping correctly as you do not want to suffer any loss.

Offering customers a fair return or refund policy will help to increase customer confidence to buy from you.

In order to keep growing your business, you need to constantly work on it by monitoring where visitors are coming from and ensuring that they’re getting the result that they’re looking for when they land on your site.


Moroccan Decor Ideas For The Living Room

Moroccan Decor Ideas

Moroccan decor is beautiful as it is unique. I’m not talking about the cheap knock offs that you get at the flea market here. I’m referring to real Moroccan furniture and decor that were painstakingly created by skillful Moroccan artisans and craftsman. These were made with traditional tools using knowledge that were passed down from generations of artisans.

What Kind Of Look To Go For?

Some home owners may like the idea of acquiring Moroccan furniture to decorate their home. Others may prefer to have a well thought out interior Moroccan decor plan as they may not like any style clashes later on. So the kind of look to go for would very much depend on your taste and budget. Some may want a combination of both modern and traditional look. Perhaps a different feel for the living room as compared to the bedroom or bathroom. Or one may want to have a complete Moroccan feel and look for the entire home.

Moroccan Decor, Furniture, Lighting 

Depending on how much space that you have to play with, most Moroccan decor would encompass furnishings, furniture and lighting. You want to make sure that your home does not end up congested with too much stuff. And you don’t have to throw away your couch. Just cover it with some Moroccan themed covers and cushions as they tend to be very colorful with symmetrical patterns. A simple round Moroccan coffee table and Moroccan lantern strategically placed in the living room will do wonders to add character to the entire room.

Just lighting a Moroccan lamp at night will make the whole living room feel cozy as they tend to give out warm lighting. The size and type of the lamp will depend on where you intend to place the lamp. Some may want to have it on a side table while others may want to put it on the floor. Bigger lamps look better on the floor.

Different Types Of Flooring

Carpets are great but you don’t want to have too much clashes in color and patterns. And it also depends on the type of flooring that you have for your home. Is it concrete or wooden flooring? Some folks would like to use Moroccan tiles for their flooring or as decor for the walls. My advice is to keep it simple as you want to think about easy cleaning. Too many items and furnishings could turn out to be a nightmare when you want to clean the room and house.

If you’re interested to get some authentic Moroccan decor for your home, check out http://www.berbertrading.com/ as they have quite a collection to choose from.


Duo Residences Ideal For Property Investment

Duo Residences

Many rich people come to Singapore to have a good time. You could basically party till you drop at some of the most happening night clubs or be seen dining with the upper crust of society in the posh hotels. And since most of the rich and wealthy like it so much in this tiny island republic, they are bound to invest in the property market.

Whether it is to get themselves a nice condominium to live in or a nicely furnished one as their holiday home, demand will continue to be there for modern and stylish condominiums for the wealthy. That being said, the new Duo Residences is considered an ideal property investment that will attract the attention of these wealthy folks.

With a beautiful non-conventional design to being integrated with the Bugis MRT station, there are plenty of plus points for owning a unit in this luxurious condominium. Designed by Ole Scheeren who also designed the tallest sky scraper in Bangkok, the MahaNakhon, one would expect a lot of thought went into the design to make it so modern and stylish.

A few stops away on the MRT will land one in Orchard and the Central Business District making commuting very smooth and convenient without the need to own a car. But for the rich, owning a car will not be a problem either as they will be shopping for sports car.

Parking spot is available and if you happen to be working in the office block of the Duo, home is just the next tower away. No need to get stuck in traffic or cram with the rest of the crowd who are taking the trains to and fro from work.

For more information on Duo Residences, click here http://www.duoresidencescondobugis.com/ to get the updates on pricing, condo facilities and concept design.

Property investors will not have any problem hunting for really good condominium units like the Duo Residences in Singapore. Anyone visiting the island will definitely be able to see the amount of development going on with new buildings being constructed.

Check out this short video showing the booming property market in Singapore :

And even if you have the thought about the property market bubble bursting there, the price won’t plunge as Singapore’s property market seems to have the ability to defy gravity with consistent demand from both the locals and foreigners who live and work there. Good news though for those who are planing to own their first property.


Bartley Ridge Condo Singapore Property Sale

Bartley Ridge Condo Singapore

Owning a property in Singapore or several is a really worthwhile investment. The island republic of Singapore is currently ranked as one of the best places to live, work, study and do business. So foreigners, expats and locals are constantly looking for property to invest in as the property market rate keeps increasing in value.

If you’re looking for a nice cozy environment to come home to, Bartley Ridge Condo Singapore is a really good investment to look into. Located not too far away from the Central Business District, this ideal property is developed by one of Singapore’s largest developer, Hong Leong Holdings. With a 50 years track record of developing prime property in Singapore, you can rest assure that this property will be completed well.

In fact, Bartley Ridge Condo units has been selling like hot cakes when the project was launched. Tucked away in the lush green outskirts but near enough to reach popular spots like Orchard within a few MRT stops away, the location is meant to be the perfect hideaway for those looking to get away from the city centre after a hectic work day.

Parents will find Bartley Ridge a haven for them to bring up their children as the area has a selection of primary, secondary and tertiary schools for their kids to go to that does not require a lot of traveling thus saving parents time.

Bartley Ridge has a total of 868 residential units which comprise of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units. Some units come with 2 bedrooms and a study or even 3 bedrooms and a study depending on the needs of buyers. Unit size range from 800 plus square feet to over 1600 square feet depending on units chosen.

The condo is only a few minutes walk away from the Bartley MRT station making commuting very easy. For those who wish to travel, Singapore’s MRT is one of the best in South East Asia with excellent connectivity to all the popular spots so you don’t even need a car to drive around.

The range of facilities are designed to help you and your family relax in an integrated environment where swimming pools, yoga pods and gardens will help melt the stress away.

To find out more about Bartley Ridge Condo Singapore, please click here http://www.bartleyridgecondosale.com/ to see it in full detail. Better hurry as there are only a limited number of units left as many property buyers have snapped up the units since it is such a good location with affordable price for a place like Singapore.


Concrete Staining Techniques And Application

Concrete Staining Techniques

Those who have done some concrete staining for their homes before will tell you that it is quite a project. Home owners who are looking to save a bundle by concrete staining their own homes will have to do some read up or research before embarking on the project. Usually, people will get the job done during the summer months when the weather is hot. Obviously yo can’t get it done during winter or when the ground is wet.

Anyway, here are a couple of concrete staining techniques and application that you will find useful for your DIY project. First, please make sure that you have decided which area you wish to concrete stain. Also have a small patch selected where you can try out the acid stain to see what is the color. Bear in mind that it is not like painting the wall as staining the concrete with acid stain does not guarantee that you will get the color shade of your choice as this depends on the chemical reaction when the solution is applied on your home concrete floor.

That’s why you need to have a small area of concrete for you to try on the concrete stain to see whether you get the color you desire. If you want it darker, you will need to apply another layer of coating over the first layer after it dries. Bear in mind that you can’t make the shade lighter if you apply too much so please be careful when applying the concrete stain.

If you would like to get a complete run down on the entire process and what it looks like to have an idea on what you will have to do, click here http://concretecamouflage.com/concrete_staining_guide.cfm to have a look at a concrete staining guide.

You will also notice that there are specific ways to apply the concrete stain on to the flooring. You could either use an applicator or a spray but this would depend on the area and surface type of the concrete. If the concrete is smooth, you could easily use an applicator. If it’s a wide area that you need to cover with rough concrete surface, you might as well use a spray.

Home owners will also need to allow time for the solution to set before washing it off and going to the next step of applying a coat of concrete sealer. This helps to protect the concrete and if you want the nice shiny effect like those in huge super markets, you could apply a few coats of floor wax for concrete.

Here’s a short informative video acid staining concrete floors and exteriors :


Acid Stain Your Concrete To Beautify Your Home

Acid Stain Concrete Flooring

Many people may not be very familiar about acid stain. It’s pretty easy and straightforward. Just like how people would apply lacquer to wood to give it a different color, acid stain is the same concept except that it is used for concrete. Don’t be mistaken as it does not mean painting a new coat of color on your concrete floor although it may have the same effect. Concrete acid stain is basically a chemical solution that when applied to concrete will cause a chemical reaction to the concrete. The result is that the concrete changes color but there is no damage at all to the concrete itself.

This is an excellent way to have a beautiful and natural look to your concrete flooring. Unlike paint colors, acid stain has a limited amount of colors as people usually go for the earth tone look. These type of colors will usually go well depending on the color of your walls. There’s also no need to worry about the concrete acid stain chipping or peeling off over time. And it won’t fade away either.

Acid Stain Floor Pattern

Home owners who do not want to spend a lot of money on traditional wooden flooring will usually consider this method of adding some color and pattern to the concrete in their homes. It is only a fraction of the cost of traditional flooring and does not take long to dry. In fact, many home owners would usually do it themselves as it is a pretty easy process.

Instead of painting the walls with paint, you just basically need to apply the acid stain concrete with the proper brush and watch as your floor change color when the chemical reacts with the concrete. It’s that easy.

There are different tones of color that you could use. Some people may want to use different shades of color to act as a border for different rooms in their homes. Others prefer to create beautiful acid stained concrete patterns or designs making the floor look absolutely beautiful in a rich earth tone or having a marble or stone feel.

Need a heads up on hat are the available types of acid stain? Check out this site here http://concretecamouflage.com/cat-fiesta-stain-concrete-acid-stain.cfm as they have quite a range that will fit your home needs.

By the way, here’s a short informative video on how to clean and prepare concrete for acid staining which you will find very useful :


Alex et Zoé 1 Nouvelle édition – Livre + CD-ROM

Parents who are thinking of exposing their children to French should always start them young. This is because children at a very young age are able to absorb things faster and learn quicker especially when it comes to languages. However, don’t worry if your child is a bit older as it’s never too late to let them catch up. Either way, parents could consider getting some French elementary curriculum as this is an excellent way of learning to begin with.

Parent would then be assured that their kids are learning French in a step by step program which they could do at home. The entire curriculum would comprise of books, audio CDs and DVDs. However, for parents who do not speak French, they could always check with the seller or distributor for an English translation. This will come in real handy especially when your own kids start asking you questions in French!

And you don’t need to worry about the studies being boring as they are specifically catered to keep your kids occupied and entertained at the same time. The people who are responsible for coming up with the curriculum know how important it is to capture the attention of children so you can look forward to an interesting journey in learning the French language with them. Parents who planning to home-school their children may even pick up the language as they go along leaning together with their kids.

Besides, it’s always a very good and useful material to have in the home especially when you have young kids running around. All you need to do is to put on a DVD and let them learn some French while being entertained at the same time. For more info on other French related products that are part of the curriculum, please click here http://www.wor.com/cat-french-books—elementary-curriculum.cfm


Where To Buy Learning Foreign Language Software Online

Samples Of Language Software

Before we talk about where to buy learning foreign language software online, it’s best that you know roughly what you are looking for.

I’m all for software to help you learn a new language but make sure you know what your alternatives are.

I, for one, have used  many methods to learn languages. I’ve attended classes, used videos, books and of course, software.

Attending language classes with a human tutor in attendance is supposed to be your best bet to learning a new language. Unfortunately, my first experience with a language class about 20 years ago was not all that good. The Mandarin language class began well but after a few months, half the class dropped out because the tutor decided to accommodate the needs of the faster learners instead of the slower ones like yours truly.

Some of us did suggest that the faster students move to a more advanced class but they insisted on staying in the beginners class, to our detriment.

Anyhow, the Spanish language learning class I attended a few years after that was a joy. The teaching technique used was also different from the Mandarin class. Learning a new language was fun again.

I also noticed that because I used to watch cult classic Mexican movies with English subtitles, I felt very familiar with many Spanish words. In fact I spoke Spanish with more of a Mexican accent.

This brings me to learning a language by just watching foreign movies or foreign TV series. It can be done. I’ve witnessed kids picking new languages up this way all the time but I’ve also seen adults do it as well.

It worked for me but only to the extent that I was familiar with some of the foreign words. I did not get to the point where I could understand 90% of what was being said and could even speak it comfortably.

Software nowadays, is of course, very advanced. They are way better than the ones I first used in the 90’s. Language learning software today have the ability to recognize voice and thus, even correct mispronunciation and incorrect intonation.

The great thing about software is you can carry it everywhere with you. Language software covers speech as well as reading and in some cases, writing.

I always encourage language learners to also pick up reading in a foreign language. Speaking a new language is just half the fun. Being able to read in a foreign language opens up new possibilities, especially if you want to learn about different cultures.

Now back to the question of where to buy foreign language learning software online. I would highly suggest WOR.com. WOR is short for World of Reading. They’ve been around of rages and have loads of language learning material. The owner, Cindy, who herself is multi-lingual, is very helpful. If you’re not sure what to get, drop her an email or use this contact form and she’ll sort it out for you.


Spanish Elementary Cultural Curriculum Is A Logical Step

Sonrisas Spanish Cultural Curriculum For Kids

Well this is interesting. A language course for kids which exposes them to the cultural aspects relative to the language.

I’ve taken many language courses. The earlier ones were either a hit or a miss depending mainly on how fast the class was and whether the instructor even bothered that the students were able to absorb what was being taught.

Of course back then, many educators were teaching languages the same way they were teaching math and other subjects. Today, we know better.

We now know that the best way to learn a language is to observe and mimic native speakers, just like how kids learn to speak languages. My niece and nephew are 5 and 6 respectively and both speak at least 4 languages fluently, just by mixing with the neighbors’ kids,  and watching foreign TV series.

It could be true that the minds of children are like sponges and they absorb everything easier. However, the attitude, the desire to learn, must be present if you want to learn anything.

Anyway, now educators are making lessons more interesting by introducing cultural aspects into language curriculum. A good example is the Sonrisas Elementary Spanish Cultural Curriculum.

To me, this has been a long time due because I’ve always associated different languages with different cultures. I basically learn a new language every time I plan to visit a new country. And when I visit a new country, I want to immerse myself in the culture there. So, to me, you should not separate the two.


How To Stain Concrete Floors And Not Screw It Up

Concrete stain grinder and wood pattern

Concrete Stain Patterns (L-R) Grinder and Wood

Concrete Staining is an excellent way to give new life to dull looking concrete floors. I am sure you have seen restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, hair salons and showrooms and wondered how they got their concrete floors looking so beautiful. Well, all it takes is a little imagination and a bit of effort. And the best thing is you can even do it yourself.

What Is Concrete Staining
Firstly, there are two types of concrete staining. The first type is reactive and the second is nonreactive. I only found out about the second type a few years back when my wife wanted to remodel the living room and kitchen.

Anyway, reactive stains are water-based acidic solutions containing metallic salts. These contents of the solution will react with the concrete’s lime content as soon as it comes in contact with it. The stain will then go on to form a permanent bond with the concrete. This bond will not chip off or peel away. However, the colors and character will look less intense as the years go by.

On the other hand, non-reactive stains are water-based acrylic solutions that penetrate the concrete surface and deposit their pigment particles in the open pores. Nonreactive stains have a much broader color palette, which is why they have grown so popular over the years. They are also easier to apply.

How To Stain Concrete Floors

The first thing you need to do is clear the area of any furniture and trim work. Then you need to remove any debris and make sure the area to be stained is clean. Next, tape or mask the area you do not want stained. If you plan to use stencils to add designs to your effort, make sure you have planned them out early on.

Concrete staining with walls masked

Concrete Staining With Walls Protected

Once you have your mixture ready, test it on a small area first. Please note that the final results will differ slightly from color charts and the color from the test area. Colors and the character of the concrete the stain will bring out will look more intense once the final sealant has been applied.

I would highly suggest wearing a face mask when applying the stains as hydrochloric acid is used in the solution. To apply the stain, use a garden variety pump spray and spray at least two thin and even coats so you get a uniformed layer.

Let each layer dry for about an hour before spraying a new layer. Once you are happy with the color, apply the sealant. Wait for the sealant to dry before reinstalling you trim work and placing you furniture back in its place. So that is how to stain concrete floors without ruining your floor.